AG&P Pratham Launches Its First Flagship Retrofitment Centre in Tamil Nadu The role of gas to recovery

AGP Pratham  |  07 May, 2024

AG&P Pratham Launches Its First Flagship Retrofitment Centre in Tamil Nadu; Plans to Add 5 More RETRO ZONES by the end of this fiscal year

~ Named as AG&P Pratham RETRO ZONE, the company becomes the first City Gas Player to set up its own Retrofitment Centre ~ 

National, 14th June 2023: Fuelling India’s ambitious growth plans for Cleaner & Greener Energy solutions, AG&P Pratham, one of India’s leading City Gas Distribution companies launched its first exclusive Retrofitment Centre - AG&P Pratham RETRO ZONE in Tamil Nadu. Following this, the company also announced its plans to setup 5 more AG&P Pratham RETRO ZONES by the end of this fiscal year, across key locations in the country. Retrofitment is the process of installing approved CNG Kits in vehicles running on conventional fuels such as petrol, LPG or diesel to enable them to run on CNG. With retrofitment, customers owning vehicles running on conventional fuels will be able to switch to CNG at a minimal cost, without having to purchase a new CNG vehicle.

The company is taking up various initiatives across India to set up infrastructure for Piped Natural Gas (PNG) and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) supplies. In Tamil Nadu, at present AG&P Pratham operates in 6 districts and plans to set up 280 CNG stations by the end of 2030. In Kancheepuram district alone, the company plans to establish 120 CNG stations out of which 28 CNG stations are already operational, 22 more CNG stations will be added by the end of the fiscal year.

AG&P Pratham RETRO ZONE is strategically located at Oragadam-Sriperumbudur Highway along the Chennai-Bangalore corridor. The company’s move towards establishing its maiden Retrofitment Centre marks a significant milestone in AG&P Pratham's commitment to promoting clean energy and fostering sustainable transportation solutions across India.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Abhilesh Gupta, MD &CEO said “We are excited to introduce AG&P Pratham RETRO ZONE, our flagship Retro-fitment Centre, as a significant step towards accelerating India's transition to cleaner fuels. With the Central Government’s focus on fast-tracking the consumption of Natural Gas in the energy mix from 6% to 15% by 2030 and with nearly 90% of vehicles still running on conventional fuel, there is a significant opportunity for us to achieve the Nation’s net zero goal, faster. Tamil Nadu’s role in this journey will be pivotal considering the robust CNG infrastructure that the state houses. We take pride in having set the foundation for the state in building a strong network. The Retro-fitment centre launch is yet another critical initiative that will drive the shift towards CNG vehicles. By providing reliable and quality retro-fitment services, we continue to empower vehicle owners to embrace eco-friendly alternatives and contribute to a more sustainable future.” 

“CNG variants in the overall sales mix of OEMs are also increasing day by day, which is a lead indicator of the growing awareness and interest among consumers for cleaner fuel. We have also witnessed the preference for CNG vehicles is growing significantly in rural areas because of the sustainable savings that consumers enjoy in comparison to alternate fuels. Therefore the need for a dependable facility for conversion was identified.” he further added. 

With a rapid shift towards CNG-enabled vehicles for private and commercial purposes, AG&P Pratham’s RETRO ZONE offers a reliable platform for customers who decide to convert to CNG-enabled vehicles and ensure their savings journey begins, whilst contributing to significant emission reductions. The fully equipped RETRO ZONE offers ICAT (International Centre for Automotive Technology) and RTO approved CNG kits with expert fitment and robust after-sales services to private and commercial vehicle owners of Buses, Cars, Autos, LCV and HCV who choose natural gas for transportation. This facility can carry out conversion of 6 to 8 Autorickshaws, 5 to 6 cars or 3 to 4 LCVs / HCVs / Buses at once.

In the current scenario of high fuel prices, converting existing vehicles to CNG using a CNG kit seems to be a very attractive option for many customers.

About AG&P Pratham

AG&P Pratham is the leading international player in the Indian City Gas Distribution (CGD) industry. AG&P Pratham holds 12 CGD licenses awarded by the Petroleum & Natural Gas Regulatory Board (PNGRB) to exclusively provide natural gas for everyday use in 35 Districts in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, and Rajasthan. The exclusive rights cover the supply of Piped Natural Gas (PNG) to households, industrial, commercial, non-commercial, and non-domestic exempt commercial (NDEC) establishments, as well as Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) for use in vehicles. These CGD networks will cover 278,000 square kilometres, 17,000 inch-km of pipeline and over 1,500 new CNG stations.

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