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  • At AG&P Pratham, we're more than just a company; we're a community with a strong and inclusive culture. It is our team members' goal to create an environment where you will feel valued and comfortable. We share your values and prioritize organizational structures, along with showcasing a leadership mindset..We offer an innovative environment for personal and professional growth, keeping you up-to-date with industry standards. In addition to our business commitments, we're also committed to uplifting the local communities by undertaking various social initiatives.
  • We at AG&P Pratham strive to create a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone is empowered to be themselves. Working with us means investing in your long-term development and job satisfaction. Throughout our company hierarchy, you will find clear goals and information you need to achieve them. Don't settle for just any job – find a fulfilling career that aligns with your personal needs and aspirations.
  • Competitive Salary: We recognise and reward your contribution by offering competitive salary packages.
  • Well-being: Your well-being is important to us. We provide programs and resources to assist your physical and mental health.
  • Medical Benefits: Our comprehensive medical benefits ensure you and your loved ones are covered.
  • Financial Security: We offer various financial security options, including Voluntary PF, Pension Scheme, Superannuation Fund and our Shares Investment Plans so you can plan for a secure future.
  • The main objective of the Skill Development programme is to provide adequate training in market-relevant technical & non-technical skills across 37 districts in 5 states. It also aims to create opportunities for the development of talent within the company's geographical areas.
  • A learning environment enhances productivity. Increasing skills and knowledge fosters confidence in employees, allowing them to achieve the vision, mission, and objectives of the company more efficiently and effectively.
  • We aim to develop substantial skills by facilitating the establishment of high-quality, and profitable vocational institutions. Additionally, we offer financial support to establish scalable and thriving vocational training initiatives.
  • Investing in training and development helps companies acquire and retain top talent, improving morale and productivity. Skill development involves identifying and addressing skill gaps, empowering individuals to achieve their goals.


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Awards & Recongnitions
World Cancer Awareness Day

AG&P Pratham wins the India 2022 ‘Energy Company of the Year’ - 26-08-2022

We are grateful to be acknowledged for excellence in performance, our culture of safety and innovative implementation approach that allows us to meet the requirements of multiple demand centres in parallel instead of sequentially. 

-Mr. Abhilesh Gupta, Managing Director & CEO


AG&P Pratham wins the ‘Best Worker Safety Measures’ award at 3rd Safe-Tech Awards & Conference – 01-09-2023

We are honored to have won the prestigious Best Worker Safety Measures award at the 3rd Safe-Tech Awards & Conference held on September 1st in Mumbai, highlighting our commitment to safety and excellence. Our dedication to creating a secure work environment and prioritizing environmental safety sets us apart as leaders in these vital domains.

- Mr. Dilip Lote S, Head HSSE AG&P Pratham

Women and Children’s Protection and welfare

AG&P Pratham wins the ‘City Gas Distribution Growing Company of the Year’ at the Federation of Indian Petroleum Industry (FIPI) Awards-2022 09-06-2023

AG&P Pratham is pioneering a clean natural gas network across large areas of Southern and Northwestern India for vehicles, homes, businesses and factories. We are proudly and safely building out our system, hooking up more customers every day. On behalf of our large team who are working so hard and so loyally, we are extremely honored that Anil Razdan and the distinguished jury panel have chosen to recognize AG&P Pratham with this prestigious award.

- Joseph Sigelman, Chairman & CEO, AG&P Group

Current Job Openings

Current Job Openings OUR COMMITMENTS

To apply to the above vacancies, contact us on

  • We are looking for a highly organized and detail-oriented Contracts and Procurement Specialist to join our team in the city gas distribution sector. The ideal candidate will be responsible for managing all aspects of procurement and contracting activities to support projects teams. Lead negotiations with vendors and contractors to secure favourable terms and conditions. Manage the end-to-end process of purchase order placement, ensuring accuracy and timeliness. This role requires strong negotiation skills, contract management expertise, and a deep understanding of the CGD industry.
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Employee Speak
Construction of Community Shed

Employee Speak

AG&P Pratham is an organization that both inspires me and challenges me by offering a position involving diverse technical and managerial tasks. The management fosters an environment that encourages me to give my best. The personal and professional care extended to employees and workforce, along with a strong emphasis on safety, stands out as a key aspect of my experience here. All employees are enjoying and celebrating festivals together to make AG&P a family rather than organization. Thanks to AG&P Pratham for giving me an opportunity to work in an enthusiastic environment with a lot of expertise on board to guide and enhance my learnings and professional skills to “Drive Ahead” in my career.

-Utkarsh Shrikant Varade- Assistant Manager, Technical Services

RO Plant

Employee Speak

Our company AG&P Pratham has an extremely stimulating work environment. As the work definition is clear and the guidance from senior team members given is valuable, people are self-motivated to do the best at work. Employees have a lot of trust in one another, which makes tasks easier to complete. Transparency exists within the system. Our workplace values hard work and achievement, and it fosters management and employee trust, which results in better, more motivated workers.

-Ishika Shukla- Assistant Manager, Marketing

Compound Wall in Govt School

Employee Speak

At AG&P Pratham, there are so many opportunities to learn and grow. You can work with great flexibility. You get to improve your interpersonal skills. The biggest takeaways are situation awareness and management. During my tenure so far in AG&P Pratham I have had the privilege of executing projects that have not only expanded my horizons but have also helped me grow both personally and professionally. These experiences have allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of our organization and have improved my ability to make informed decisions and effectively manage situations. This commitment for providing an environment that values and invests in the development of its employees is something I am proud to be part of.

-Sai Abhishek Manthena- Deputy Manager, Legal


All you need to know about Natural Gas usage, benefits, and the recent industry trends are updated in the repository below.

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