AG&P Pratham encourages the safety and security of everyone involved with handling and operating appliances or containers with gas. We advise everyone in and around the pipelines and equipment to be vigilant. Remember, safety comes first. Our customer care is available in times of emergency, give us a call immediately in case you smell gas.

  • Do’s

  • Ensure that an authorised engineer at a well-equipped workshop does the installation or servicing of CNG kit.
  • Get your CNG cylinders hydro tested every three years.
  • Get your vehicle thoroughly checked by an RTO authorised workshop every year.
  • Keep your CNG kit and cylinder certificate handy.
  • Keep a portable fire extinguisher and a first-aid box with cut and burn medication in the vehicle.
  • Be alert for emergencies and gas leaks and always follow safety instructions while driving.
do and dont

Do’s Don’ts

  • Don’ts

  • Do not install propane, LPG, or any other cylinder in place of your CNG cylinder.
  • Do not start the vehicle in the middle of getting your tank filled.
  • Do not use mobile phones near the installation and gas station areas.
  • Do not produce naked flames near the gas stations.
  • Do not keep flammable materials near the cylinder.
  • Do not place luggage or any heavy item over the cylinder to avoid breakage and damage to the cylinder, pipes, valves, hose, etc.

Safety instructions for visitors in the CNG station

  • Upon entering the station, get off your vehicle

  • Always keep your senses on alert for danger inside the station

  • Do not use mobile phones inside the station; preferably switch them off before entering

  • Do not smoke, do not use matchbox, lighter, open flame inside the station

  • Keep the area clean and do not litter

  • In case of emergency, do not panic. Keep your cool and proceed to a safer location

  • Follow the instructions given by the workers and the staff


All you need to know about Natural Gas usage, benefits, and the recent industry trends are updated in the repository below.

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