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AG&P Pratham works towards helping you grow your business. With our direct and continuous supply, we ensure that your day-to-day operations never stop, even for a minute. The easy installation procedures and versatility of fuel help increase the ROI of businesses. Additionally, savings are encouraged with the low-cost benefits of this fuel. The pipeline does not take as much space as the cylinders, thus creating room for other activities and is safer to use.

With AG&P Pratham PNG, you can focus on your business; we will take care of your fuel hassles and demands.

  • Convenient and

  • Versatile Application

  • Non-stop Supply

  • Eco-friendly

  • No extra storage space

  • Leak & Spill proof

WHY CHOOSE PNG why choose

PNG as an alternate fuel offers various benefits and some of the reasons why one should consider using PNG are listed below.

  • PNG
  • Eco-friendly Eco friendly

    PNG is a cleaner burning fuel and is mostly methane, which makes it eco-friendly.
    LPG is less eco-friendly as it is mostly propane or butane (bottles gas).
  • Eco-friendly Safer

    It is lighter than air and dissipates quickly in case of leak.
    It is heavier than air, posing a risk of settling in the surrounding, hence causing more harm.
  • Eco-friendly 24-hour supply

    Ensures a continuous supply to your stove through pipelines.
    Relies on the gas available in the cylinder, subject to its capacity.
  • Eco-friendly Cost effective

    It is economical with lower rates and installation charges.
    Has a higher rate with cylinder security charges and booking hassles
  • Eco-friendly Easy supply

    Gas stoves have nozzles with a bigger diameter resulting in better supply.
    Gas stoves have nozzles with a smaller diameter resulting in slower supply.
  • Eco-friendly Leakage Identification

    It is an odourless gas and external smelling agent is added to identify the leakage.
    It is an odourless gas and external smelling agent is added to identify the leakage.
  • Eco-friendly Convenient

    PNG does not require storage space, hence there is no inventory carrying cost.
    It needs to be stored thus comes in cylinders that need to be pre-booked.
Commercial PNG - Keeping You Safe Is Our Top Priority

Keeping you safe is our top priority AG&P Pratham Pointer Icon

Our installation procedure involves careful inspection of the area, proper fitting of the appliances, and multi-layered safety checks by trained and authorised engineers. Our workforce walks you through the safety procedures and guidelines before letting you operate the gas-equipped machinery.

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Chandru Kumar has been driving CNG vehicles since 2020, and now vouches by CNG! Watch the video to learn how he gets good pick-up, great earnings, and mileage.

- Chandru Kumar,
Taxi Driver,Mysuru


Vikas, converted to a CNG auto & still stands by his decision! Watch the video to learn how switching to CNG impacted his family & earnings.

- Vikas,
Auto Driver,Mysuru


Guru Prasad, transport owner, speaks about the positive effects switching to CNG has brought to his fleet’s maintenance & his business, including 50% in savings and the ability to support his employee

- Guru Prasad,
Owner, Omkar Transport, Mysuru


Watch how Zaheer Hussain, an Auto driver, supports his family by switching to CNG despite rising petrol/diesel prices.

- Zaheer Hussain,
Auto Driver, Kancheepuram


Like Lalit Kumar, many others have switched to CNG and are seeing a considerable increase in their monthly savings.

- Lalit Kumar,
Auto Driver, Jodhpur


Mrs. Manju Kanwar and her husband Mr. Sanjay Singh from Jodhpur whose life revolves around their house and their Kirana store. Find out how the switch to PNG has made a positive impact on their life.

- Mrs. Manju Kanwar,
Jodhpur resident


Naresh Jirawala, MD & Chairman, Prins Polytech Pvt. Ltd, has seen a big change in his business after switching to PNG.

- Naresh Jirawala,
MD & Chairman , Prins Polytech Pvt. Ltd.

  • LPG is Liquefied Petroleum Gas and PNG is Piped Natural Gas. LPG consists of mainly propane & butane while PNG mainly consists of methane. PNG is a green fuel and safer than LPG.
  • After acceptance of the Commercial offer, the customer has to fill the desired registration form and submit application fees along with the mandatory documents required for Industrial/Commercial registration.
  • Commercial connection is transferable subject to availability of necessary documents required for Commercial registration and NOC from the existing user. This is only applicable where the premises and commercial load of the existing and new commercial establishment remain the same.
  • Below mentioned documents can be submitted for Ownership transfer:

      • Request letter for Ownership Transfer.

      • PAN Card & GST No.

      • Shops & Establishment Certificate.

      • Land Purchase Deed (If Owned) Agreement (if Leased/Rented).

      • Partnership deep (if partnership firm).

      • NOC from the previous owner.

      • Application cum registration form.
  • Subject to technical feasibility, the meter location shifting can be done by technical team of AG&P. One needs to inform AG&P in writing before and after renovation work is completed to ensure proper disconnection, reinstallation, and reconnection of gas meter.

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