AG&P Pratham encourages the safety and security of everyone involved with handling and operating appliances or containers with Gas. We advise everyone in and around the pipelines and equipment to be vigilant. Remember, safety comes first. Our customer care is available in times of emergency, give us a call immediately in case you smell gas.

  • Do’s

  • Every morning before turning on the gas stove, ensure good ventilation through windows and doors to let the gas dissipate in case there is any leakage.
  • If you smell gas and suspect leakage, close the main controls located at the gas meter and contact us immediately.
  • In case you smell leakage near the yellow PE (poly-ethylene) line, call us immediately.
  • In case of any digging or construction activity on or around the gas pipeline, inform AG&P Pratham.
  • If you smell leakage during cooking, stop and turn off the supply, then call us to rectify the leak.
  • Close your Main Control Valve if you are not going to be home for more than a day.
  • In case you want to get any changes in the pipeline, ensure an authorised person does the alterations.
  • Always insist on rubber tubes supplied or authorised by the gas company.
  • Ensure that the rubber hose is correctly fit.
do and dont

Do’s Don’ts

  • Don’ts

  • Do not allow naked flame, spark, flammable material, smoking, etc. near the leakage point.
  • Do not operate electrical appliances or switches near the leakage.
  • Do not allow vehicles near the leakage point. Do not dry clothes on the PE line and do not put clothes or any similar material on the handles.
  • Do not carry out digging activities on or around the pipes, or let anyone else perform them.
  • Do not throw garbage or eatables at the gas riser guard.
  • Do not remove the riser valve handle.
  • Do not alter the piping route of the connection on your own and without consultation from AG&P Pratham team.
  • Do not use unauthorised pipes or tubes.
  • The GI piping installation should not be in enclosed spaces or cabinets.
  • Don't ignite fire crackers on gas pipelines laid down in your premises

Safety instructions for PNG customers

  • Gas geyser should not be installed in confined space

  • Gas geyser should be installed in well ventilated areas

  • Use only ISI approved gas burner

  • Periodic cleaning of gas burner should be done


All you need to know about Natural Gas usage, benefits, and the recent industry trends are updated in the repository below.

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