AG&P Pratham encourages the safety and security of everyone involved with handling and operating appliances or containers with Gas. We advise everyone in and around the pipelines and equipment to be vigilant. Remember, safety comes first. Our customer care is available in times of emergency, give us a call immediately in case you smell gas.

  • Do’s

  • Only let trained and authorised people use and operate the Natural Gas installation equipment.
  • Keep the natural gas pipeline and equipment away from any other gas or chemicals. Prevent any external load on the pipeline.
  • In case the natural gas upstream and downstream pressure on the regulator shows a variation, immediately close the ‘Main shut-off’ valve and burner and contact AG&P Pratham.
  • Close the ‘Main shut-off’ valve in case you suspect any gas leakage and call AG&P Pratham in case of faulty installation or equipment.
  • Consult AG&P Pratham before carrying out any construction activity or digging on or near the gas pipeline to prevent damage.
  • In case of fire anywhere near the pipelines, close the ‘main shut-off’ valve and inform AG&P Pratham immediately.
  • Install DCP fire extinguisher and caution boards around the pipeline and its equipment.
  • Maintain cleanliness near the pipeline and equipment.
  • Keep the pathway to the gas installation free of any objects for easier access.
  • Evacuate immediately in case of any emergency.
do and dont

Do’s Don’ts

  • Don’ts

  • Do not use a mobile phone while using the gas.
  • Do not use naked flames around the leakage of gas.
  • Do not tamper with, reset, replace the regulator, meter safety valve, or any other critical equipment. Do not install any other equipment or extensions without consulting AG&P Pratham.
  • Do not keep or install any heating, electrical, or ignition equipment on or near the gas pipeline.
  • Do not open the pipeline valve in case you have been informed of a supply shut beforehand by AG&P Pratham. Wait for further information before using.
  • Do not use electrical appliances or appliances that produce spark in case of a leakage.
  • Do not carry out burning, heating, or spark work near the pipeline and its equipment.
  • Do not keep flammable items or fuel such as petrol, diesel, etc., near the pipeline.
  • Do not allow vehicles near the pipeline installation.
  • Do not smoke near the pipeline. Do not let any unauthorized person in the restricted area of the pipeline installation.

Safety instructions for PNG customers

  • Gas geyser should not be installed in confined space

  • Gas geyser should be installed in well ventilated areas

  • Use only ISI approved gas burner

  • Periodic cleaning of gas burner should be done


All you need to know about Natural Gas usage, benefits, and the recent industry trends are updated in the repository below.

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